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ZMG Represents with Speaker Session at the 2023 Apartment Innovation & Marketing Conference

On Tuesday, May 9th, ZMG's Director of Marketing & Professional Development, Tyler Marker, was a featured speaker at the 2023 Apartment Innovation & Marketing (AIM) Conference in Huntington Beach, California with the session: Turnover, the New Pandemic- is Marketing the Cure?

In the session, Tyler shared how ZMG and other companies are and can leverage the marketing skills on their team to better acquire and retain talent. In a recent study from the National Apartment Association, 74% of multifamily owners/operators say their number one challenge facing their business is hiring and retaining talent.

"The pandemic caused us as an industry to hyper-explore new systems, technology, and solutions in meeting the modern renters’ needs. While those areas are crucial, it all starts with having a secured, high-performing team in place to make these implementations and initiatives happen. Marketing, can provide solutions to meet this challenge head on- by showcasing our companies in a way that appeals to the modern workforce, better prepares them for what the role truly looks like and sets the stage for long term employee success." - Tyler R. Marker, Director of Marketing & Professional Development, Zidan Management Group

ZMG has and is exploring new methods outside of multifamily to better welcome new talent through our doors; while empowering and engaging our current teammates.

"We are proud of the diverse and inclusive culture that has been curated since our inception at Zidan Management Group. Through innovative means of sharing the stories of our people, we are able to better connect on an authentic level with new talent seeking a rewarding career with a growing company. At ZMG, the success of our people is what leads to the success of the company." - Raed Zidan, President & CEO, Zidan Management Group

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